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The tibia, or shinbone, is the one of the most significant weight bearing structure of human skeleton. Evidently, therefore a fracture in this bone severely hampers movement of the individual.  A tibial shaft fracture happens along the bone length, under the knee and above the ankle. Owing to its inherent strength, it takes a major […]

It is time that you spice up your routine with some scrumptious, juicy and peppy dishes. Why always stick to the same food regime when you can introduce exciting food items?  The point is to get little flexible about your life. If you love food, make sure you make it the source of your motivation. […]

So, you’ve followed the common and usual tips for getting enough sleep —maintaining a regular sleep schedule, exercising regularly, avoiding caffeine, avoiding lighted screens before bed, avoiding daytime naps, and managing stress. Still, to no avail, you are still suffering from insomnia and it’s already driving you crazy. Sleep aids are a class of psychoactive […]

Family dental care is generally provided by a general or family dentistry. A general or family dentist is trained in dental hygiene, family dental care and laboratory techniques. A family dentist has a team to ensure that patients get effective dental care on time. Families taking dental health seriously see a family dentist at least […]