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All About Da Buddha Vaporizer – Powerful Yet Pocket-Friendly Vape

Presented by Seventh Floor, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is a standout amongst the most proficient and financially-savvy vaporizers accessible in the market. It is intended for experienced vape enthusiasts searching for a definitive vaporizing knowledge. Every unit is fabricated utilizing just the highest-quality segments and materials. This vaporizer includes a similar fantastic artwork like the Silver Surfer and Life Saber Vaporizers. Similar to these vapes, each Da Buddha unit is imagined and built ideally in the USA, and highlights a dependable fired heating component and glass-on-glass vaporizer parts that guarantee unrivaled vapor generation.

By using Ground Glass Connections, the Buddha Vaporizer is a hands-free unit that doesn’t require the client to hold the whip set up. It additionally uses a temperature control system that enables the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature as per their preference. On top of that, Da Buddha Vaporizer includes an exceptional barrel-shaped design which enhances airflow and gives a characteristic cooling impact.

Introduction to Da Buddha

Not at all like numerous other whip-style vaporizers that use a little home grown chamber, the Da Buddha Vaporizer includes an additional wide chamber which takes into account a more powerful and effective vaporization process. It’s additionally equipped for achieving vaporization temperatures inside 2 minutes. To answer the dissatisfactions of numerous vaporizer fans, the Ground Glass Whip has been exceptionally intended to take into consideration simple expulsion and inclusion of screens.

Worked in the USA, the vaporizer accompanies a 3 Year manufacturer’s warranty. Coming to Da Buddha vaporizer parts, it has a Ground Glass Hands-Free chamber, 3 ft. Vinyl Tube, an all-glass mouthpiece, and an SSV blend stick. Every unit additionally accompany a free padded bag for storage to ensure its safety while moving. So you wouldn’t need to buy a carrying case for your unit while you go outdoors.

How Da Buddha Works?

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All you need to start vaping with Da Buddha is switch on the vape, and set your desired temperature. We prescribe setting it to the 2 o’clock position for the best experience. While the vaporizer is heating up, you can crush your material and load them into the chamber. Inside 2-4 minutes (rest depending on the selected temperature), you should see the clay heating component gleaming which implies the vape has reached the right temperature, and all set to use.

Connect the glass chamber to the heating cover, and draw gradually on the opposite end of the whip for around 5-8 seconds to enjoy a sound inward hit. Da Buddha Vaporizer uses Ground Glass sans hands task which implies you don’t have to hold the throw together to the radiator cover while vaporizing.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Da Buddha Vaporizer

To ensure your vape partner works appropriately, suggestion is to routinely clean your vaporizer and maintain the vaporizer parts ideally. The tempered steel screens along with the whip tube need to be substituted every quarter relying on how regularly it’s utilized. Dip the glass pieces in a vape cleaning solution to expel any contaminants or deposit that may have collected during usage or otherwise. When you are not utilizing the unit, you should unplug it and keep away from the reach of kids at your home.

In case you intend to travel with the vaporizer, it’s better to keep a cushioned storage pack with to ensure your Da Buddha vaporizer stays in good condition while moving.

So this is all about the Da Buddha Vaporizer in detail. There’s so much about the vape to love, especially when you are a couch potato who likes strong vapor at home. For more info, you can visit To The Cloud Vapor Store, and enjoy the best deals.


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