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Top best water purifiers that you can carry out for making the water safe for drinking

People are nowadays using so many different types of water purifiers just to make their consumption of water safer and healthy. People use purifiers to make the water pure safe and healthy for drinking. There are so many different types of water purifiers that can help you out in making your consumption of water pure and healthy.

There are so many different types of water purifiers that you can carry out during your travel. If you want to know more about water purifiers you can contact aquaguard service number Noida. Some of the water purifiers are mentioned below that you can take out during your travel time.

Top best travel purifiers that you can carry out during your journey


  • Steripen Ultra: This is the type of a water purifier that you can carry out during your travel time as because during the journey sometimes you can’t find pure and healthy water to solve out this problem you can carry this small pocket purifier with yourself to make the consumption of water more easy and safe.
  • You cannot use cloud and dirty water with this purifier. It is made to purify such water which has fewer impurities.
  • It first purifies the water, there is no filtering mechanism.
  • This type of water purifiers, work with the batteries. There is no proper filtration process.
  • These types of purifiers not 100% pure up to the water but they clean the water to approx 80%.


  • Drinksafe Travel Tap: This is also a travel time water purifier that can be carried out by people easily to make the consumption of water safe, clean and healthy as it is done at home.


  • This water purifier cleanses water up to 90%. This one is the best travel water purifier. It can be easily carried out people.


  • It can carry up to 300mL of water at a time and the filtering mechanism of this water purifier is better than the above-mentioned water purifier.
  • You can easily remove the filter mechanism if you think that the water is already safe and clean. This is the plus point of this water purifier.
  • Therefore, this water purifier is quite irritating during the times when you feel so much thirsty.
  1.  LifeSaver: This is also a water purifier that helps out people in making the water clean, safe and healthy for drinking during the journey. These are the water purifiers whose filter mechanism is fitted in a bottle in simple words, these water purifiers are bottle purifiers. They can easily be carried out anywhere and at any time.
  • This type of bottle purifier is very simple equipment and can be used for a long time without any maintenance.
  • This water purifier helps in cleaning up of any kind of water sources this is its plus feature. This feature makes this purifier the best purifier.
  • It can filter up to 750ml of water at a time depending on how dirty the water is you are using.

To know more about purifiers for commercial, domestic or travel purpose you can contact aquaguard water purifier service center in Noida.

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