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Alicia Nelson

Clexane 40 mg en el embarazo, ¿cuándo y por qué?

Durante el embarazo pueden surgir complicaciones. Para solucionar algunas de ellas es necesario recurrir a un tratamiento con inyección de Clexane 40 mg. Clexane 40 mg se utiliza para evitar la formación de coágulos en la sangre y también para…


Zyvoxam 600 mg en el tratamiento de la tuberculosis resistente

Recientemente la organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ha incluido al linezolid (ZYVOXAM drogas 600 mg comprimidos), como fármaco de categoría A para el tratamiento de la tuberculosis multirresistente (TB MDR) y la tuberculosis de alta resistencia a los fármacos….


Compra Filatil solución a buen precio online

Filatil o Filgastrim es un farmaco antineoplasico usado como inmunomodulador para el tratamiento de la neutropenia febril secundaria a quimioterapia citotóxica. FILATIL es un factor estimulante de colonias de granulocitos (rHu-G-CSF), producido por tecnología de ADN recombinante, el cual estimula el…

What You May Want to Know About Oral Care in San Antonio

Wisdom teeth removal should be done by an approved dentist. This assures you proper dental care and hygiene. However, it is not a necessary process if your teeth are well aligned and correctly positioned. When is Wisdom Teeth Removal necessary?…


Important tips to follow for start ups for health care

When searching the internet, you certainly come across multiple tips that offer with best tips related to health care. In general, most tips are not relevant for startup entrepreneurs. In this article you will find some of the most important…

A Quick Guide To Your First Visit To Spa Salon | Bellagio Spa & Salon

There are many people out there, who get nervous with the thought of going to the spa. Most of these people feel anxious about what will happen when they visit, or they simply feel unaware of the spa etiquette. Remember,…

8 natural solutions for indigestion

Indigestion Indigestion is a chronic medical condition which is also known as dyspepsia. Indigestion is accompanied by pain or discomfort in the stomach. As the name suggests, it occurs when the stomach faces difficulty in digesting food. Try vitacost coupons…

Kinds of Shampoos you need in your life

The way you need different types of clothes to wear in different seasons; different types of food to eat at different times; in the same way; you need different types of shampoos for your overall hair care. Okay so do…

What Duties Do Orthodontic Assistants Have?

Across the United States, several dental students consider the thought of choosing their career as an orthodontic assistant, especially if they want to become a major part of the growing industry. If you plan to choose your career path as…

Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions Role and Facts

Pressure injury prevention is a very important part of the entire treatment process to eliminate the chances of things going bad to worse. Any patient suffering from mobility issue and uses a wheelchair for that purpose is suggested to use…

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