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Everything You Need to Know About Parsun Outboard Engines For Sale

When your powerboat doesn’t have an engine, you will end up with a big rowboat. This is on top of the fact that you may end up paddling the boat for miles to the mooring position. The parsun electric outboard may be the part of the boat that is the most complicated. This is why you need to consider a number of factors before choosing a parsun outboard for sale.


What are outboard?

Parsun Outboards

Before you start your search for an parsun outboards uk, you will need to consider  important information such as the minimum as well as the maximum horsepower rating for the hull. When purchasing parsun outboard engines for sale, you should consider the number of passengers and the gear amount required for a particular trip. For instance, if you prefer gearing yourself, you can save on fuel by buying an engine with less power. However, if you carry around 5 buddies on the boat, you should opt for a parsun electric outboard that is more powerful and will keep you up to speed.

Consider also when you want to be using the boat. A strong engine is necessary if you will be boating in the ocean as compared to a calm lake.


Outboard motors are usually put into two categories- 2-strokes and the 4-stroke. These two have several differences. The two-stroke engines are considerably lighter as compared to the 4-stroke engines. This means that the 2-stroke have a better ratio of power to weight. Their downside is that a majority of them don’t meet the emissions standards. The 2-stroke engines usually work using a mixture of oil and gas. On the other hand, the 4-stroke motors tend to use gas only.

Horsepower of the motor

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The choice that you make for the horsepower will depend on the size and type of boat. Depending on your preferred speed, the amount you want to pay for the full and the number of people you will having on the boat, you will have some room for wiggling. In case you need the motor for the smaller boats like the inflatable, canoe or dinghy, you should not choose a horsepower that is more than 10.

If the boat has a length of 10 to 15 feet like the fiberglass and aluminum boats that are usually lightweight and don’t require a lot of power, choose an engine with a horsepower of 15 to 20. If the boat has a length of over 25, you can opt for twin outboard motors.

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