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How egg donors are the lifesavers


Most of the people think that egg donation idea is to benefit an infertile couple. But apart from that, there are also other reasons for egg donation. Motherhood fertility centre is one of the top fertility centres in Hyderabad. The best infertility doctors in Hyderabad working here have done many investigations and find out the reasons for the need of egg donor. So let’s find out the absolute reasons for egg donation.  

Different causes of infertility:

There is no particular reason for infertility. There are many cases in the fertility hospital in Hyderabad that a woman is capable enough to carry a pregnancy, but she may have an issue with her eggs or her ovaries which prevent her from conception. Sometimes, several problems affect the fertility of a woman such as her age, poor egg quality, genetics, ovaries problem, tension, anxiety, etc. 

The decision to take the help of an egg donor from egg donation clinics in Hyderabad often comes after failed many times at pregnancy using the woman’s own eggs. Other women suffered from multiple miscarriages, which is really heartbreaking. Whatever the main reason, it is really important to understand the need for the egg donor. In many IVF centre in Hyderabad, many couples collect eggs from egg donation centers in Hyderabad after covering a long journey of infertility. 

Age of the mother and eggs:

It is a fact that when a woman enters in her mid-30s, her fertility power decreases because of the reduction in the number as well as the quality of eggs in the ovaries. A small girl has 1 to 2 millions of eggs at birth. At the stage of menopause, only a few hundred eggs remain. Older eggs also usually have a high rate of chromosomal anomalies, which boost the chances of early miscarriage. 

Nowadays, women are more concentrated towards their carrier. They want to be financially and emotionally stable before getting pregnant. That’s why more and the number of women doesn’t become mothers until their 35. It is the reason behind the opening of infertility centres in Hyderabad or egg donation clinics in Hyderabad

Condition of the ovary:

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For some women, the main reason behind their infertility is problems affecting their ovaries or their eggs. The best infertility specialist in Hyderabad Dr. Rohini Devi in the Motherhood fertility centre found that up to 1% of women suffer from premature ovarian failure, which means the ovaries of a woman stop functioning sooner than ever expected because of less egg supply. Another reason for less egg supply is cancer treatment. During the cancer treatment, the patient has to go through chemotherapy, radiation therapy which harm the ovaries and the fertility power of the woman. The donated eggs from the best infertility hospital in Hyderabad may be an ideal option for these types of cases. 

Genetic disorders:

Because of genetic conditions, many women can’t use their eggs for fertility. Certain chromosomal problems lead to non-viable embryos, devastating birth defects, and multiple times miscarriages. In these types of situations, it is advisable to take help of egg donation centers in Hyderabad. 

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