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Tibia Shaft Fractures: Types, Cause & Symptoms

The tibia, or shinbone, is the one of the most significant weight bearing structure of human skeleton. Evidently, therefore a fracture in this bone severely hampers movement of the individual.  A tibial shaft fracture happens along the bone length, under the knee and above the ankle. Owing to its inherent strength, it takes a major force to cause its fracture. Motor vehicle collisions are a common cause of tibial shaft fractures. In several tibia fractures, the smaller bone within the lower leg (fibula) is broken as well. It can be cured by under observation of orthopedic surgeon and implants and instruments provided from trauma implants manufacturer in India Anatomy  The lower leg is formed of 2 bones: the fibula and tibia. The tibia is the larger of the 2 bones. It supports m...