Get the Emergency Dental Care from The Emergency Dentist

Get the Emergency Dental Care from The Emergency Dentist

May 15, 2018 0 By Jaspreet Kaur

During a dental emergency, one must not panic but rather stay cool. However, one must also be informed about the dental injuries which need immediate dental treatment or care. This can help one to take care of themselves or a family person who has decaying tooth which is prone to infection. Tooth problems are often ignored by a person. Sometimes they are sudden and need immediate care. An emergency dentist is one who helps patients deal with such sudden dental problem, without a previous appointment.

Mouth injuries include cracked teeth, broken teeth, etc. A person can accidentally bite on hard food item leading to knocked out teeth. There can be other kinds of accidents like the sports injury, sudden fall or other such problems. If a severe crack is found, it indicates that a large fraction of a tooth is lost. Alternately, this condition indicates a state of nerve damage. In all such conditions, a patient needs immediate medical attention.

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The role of an emergency dentist is to provide instant pain relief to the patient before actual treatment is done. Being a trained professional, an emergency dentist diagnoses the type of dental ailment and decides the step of providing emergency relief.

Types of Dental Ailments and Emergency Relief Measures

  • A Toothache: A Toothache indicates a serious state of weakness, which has been ignored. Once some sort of pain is felt, the patient must consult the emergency dentist without the wait.
  • Broken or Chipped Tooth: If the localized tooth injury is severe, a chipped tooth or minor fracture needs a dentist’s observation during normal working hours. A person with broken tooth must go for mouth cleansing with lukewarm water first. Then, an icy compress must be applied on the face. One should then immediately walk to the dentist’s clinic. The tooth portion must be preserved by wrapping in soaked towel.
  • Shaky Tooth: The tooth of a person may get loosened due to shock post-accident. If possible, one must gently insert it in a socket. The tooth must be held near the crown area, with a clean wash-cloth. In case, there is some impurity on a tooth, it must be rinsed off first. But care must be taken to ensure that no attached tissues get scrubbed off. If it is not possible to re-insert the tooth, it should be positioned beneath the tongue furthermore the patient must immediately go to a clinic. If your tooth is knocked out, try to handle it carefully with least hand contact. Try to set it back in the socket with help of moistened gauze or wet tea bag. Patients must take due care to ensure the tooth does not get swallowed. If it is not feasible to keep tooth undisturbed in socket before you see a dentist, it is advisable to rinse off the adhering dust and keep it in the bowl of milk. To avoid bleeding of a socket, a cold wet compress must be applied.
  • Broken Jaw: The face of the patient with a broken jaw must be smeared with ice or cold compress. An emergency dentist must be called.
  • Bitten Tongue: Sometimes, a person accidentally bites the tongue. Being soft, the tongue is hurt and there are injury symptoms like swelling or bleeding in the localized area. If a patient accidentally bites and injures his tongue, the injured area must be first cleaned with a soft wet cloth. Then, a freezing compress is to be placed in order to ease swelling. In case, bleeding is seen, a patient needs to be taken to an emergency dentist.
  • Tooth Cavity: Sudden tooth pain may also be the result of cavity or abscess in a tooth. It is better to talk to a dentist for availing emergency dental care.

Calling on An Emergency Helpline

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Emergency dentists are available on just a phone call throughout the day. Clients can call the office even when it is closed. The answering machine has many emergency numbers.