SEO - It's a Funny Old Game



SEO - It's a funny old game Today on my daily perusal of the world wide web I come across another "SEO guru" preaching that in his humble opinion you cannot make money online anymore, it's to hard to find a profitable niche and that it's now time to start exploring other avenues to make money online. Before I disagree with this gentleman's point of view I would like to take issue with his attitude.


Search Engine Optimisation is a largely misunderstood activity and as a result the execution is frequently quite poor. In order to fully understand the reasons for this we must first break down process into its component parts. The first aspect, and the one on which people tend to focus their efforts, is website authority.


A web site with no visitors is similar to a jet without passengers, it may be getting ready to lift off, however, if no one is along for the journey, then it isn't really going anywhere. If you wish your website to achieve success as well as cost-effective, you'll want consistent and credible content, reliable back links and informative feedback.