Are SEO Writers Different From Content Providers?



Even though the terms 'Content Providers' and 'SEO Writers' may sound alike, they are actually entirely different in every aspect. It is definitely true that each of these professionals provide quality services to every websites, the nature of their work is completely different. SEO Writers commonly write articles and posts for blogs and websites aimed at achieving optimization.


I was reading a blog post by my friend Dan Lew, inventor of the WordPress plugin Keyword Winner, "Why Search Engine Traffic is the Life Blood of Your Blog". Dan made some really good points in this post, but most importantly the points he made about search engine traffic.


Taking advantage of the professional Search Engine Optimization Services is very important, if you run an online business where you try to promote certain products/services. Before actually signing up for a certain SEO package, you should take some time and dwell upon whether you need Local SEO services or International SEO.