SEO Article Writing Advice for the Web 2.0 Era



This article will shed light on the factors that contribute to the potency of off-page content published as articles or press releases. The purpose of an SEO article is to present informative knowledge about the industry related to the website and its business so it should be of value to human readers. A writer can shoot himself in the foot if there are inaccuracies; Google will be aware of conflicting information.


Well, when I started off on the virtual end of business, I came across a lot of jargon that I could not get myself to remember. It is however a different scenario today, five years on the digital expressway. I was bamboozled into the stratosphere trying to learn the ropes on how to popularize my website.


In the increasingly online oriented world of today, it is becoming increasingly important not only to have a website, but to ensure that that website is as visible to as many people as possible. It is clear that search engines play an progressively significant role in our daily quest for information and products, with Google looming over the vast majority of our online activity.