The Importance of Keyword Density for Google



After Google had indexed my key pages, everything looked great, there were many natural incoming (backlinks) links to these pages, the content was good with the keyword mentioned a few times and good internal links. The Search Engine Friendly links (SEF) tool had been implemented and indexed by Google, before you ask, yes they definitely count, check the highlighted words on any search engine result page and you will notice that if the keyword is within the url it is highlighted. Now it was appearing in the Google results pages, but it was stuttering, for instance one of the page sometimes ranked number ten on the first page then dropped down to the second page after a few minutes to position thirteen.


One of the very first things that come to mind when the term search engine optimization is mentioned is the creation of so many articles for the internet. This is normal because SEO, after all, demands the production of scores, if not hundreds, of articles so that these can be posted in various sites or passed onto article distributors.


One platform that a lot of online marketers are using these days to help push their ranks up the search engines is WordPress. Not only is WordPress very easy to use, you can also do a lot of things with just one WordPress blog and let it do wonders for your online business.