There are many disturbances that occur to the natural capabilities of our bodies and can result in the growth of cancer. These concerns can include a weak immune system, reduced oxygenation, unbalanced Ph and a lot of excessive toxicity. It is possible to treat these problems and to have your cancer symptoms healed using alternative […]

Mesotherapy is a form of cosmetic medical treatment which involves injecting of various forms of medication, both homeopathic and chemical, into the subcutaneous fat cells. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are also accompanied with the medicine to be injected. If you want to remove the wrinkles from your face or you just want to reduce […]

Dental treatments require a lot of precision and hence to make your treatment successful, you need someone who holds an extensive experience in this field. This arises the need to search for a perfect dental clinic for your family. Most of the people don’t visit the dental clinic quite often and are not acquainted with […]

There are around 131.7 million members of health clubs around the world. Out of this big fraction of people, only about 70% are really active people. This is due to the fact that many people fail to keep up with the dedication and the motivation necessary to go to a gym on a daily basis. […]

STAINLESS STEEL Most instruments are fabricated from stainless steel which contains a minimum of 12% chromium for satisfactory corrosion resistance. The selection of a stainless steel is based on several factors, such as design and function. Stainless steel used for orthopedic implants or instruments are classified according to composition and microstructure. The most versatile compositions […]