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Year: 2018


Natural Medicine: To Use or Not to Use?

As a practitioner of Integrative medicine, the majority of patients I attract prefer herbal remedies to modern medications. When my patients come to see me initially, I always ask them to bring their supplements. I do that so I can see which ones they are taking and which brands. Most patients bring their supplements in huge shopping bags. One of my colleagues had a patient who brought in a shoebox overflowing with bottles of vitamins and all kinds of things. He told her that she was either going to have to eliminate some of the bottles or buy bigger shoes. Needless to say,  the lion’s share of those who prefer herbal remedies are probably overdoing it on many levels. It makes me very uncomfortable because we do not have any way to tell if the supplements contain what they say they d...
Top 4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for a Perfect Smile

Top 4 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for a Perfect Smile

A smile is one of the most important parts of a perfect and appealing beauty of a person. Researchers say that people who do not smile start feeling depressed and sad much more often over the time completely changing their behavioral habits. So it is extremely important to ensure that your smile looks and feels awesome. And there is no better way of doing so than cosmetic dentistry treatments. Here is a lit of four most common and useful cosmetic dentistry means to improve your smile. Porcelain Veneers Being not new, these dental implants remain top 1 on the list of cosmetic dentistry treatments. According to experts from Richmond Hill dental implant professionals, porcelain veneers can transform the unpleasant view of a smile as well as change functionality of your teeth. The best a...