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6 Important Facts about Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removal of the wisdom teeth is one of the most awkward coming-of-age processes that many are compelled to endure. Just like heartbreak and adolescence, this is one phase of life that most people are not comfortable with.

The wisdom tooth extraction though a very common phenomenon is often shrouded in the clouds of anxiety and fear.

Primarily the preventive measures happen to the most crucial factor for removing the wisdom teeth but there are other factors as well like incorrect growth, damage by fracture that is beyond repair or space for the orthodontic appliances.

The removal of the wisdom tooth, in most cases has proven to be beneficial and that is why any fear that you have regarding this should be driven away.

To help you with it here some of the facts associated with this procedure are brought forth. Just read on.


  • The Wisdom Tooth Can be a Menace – The wisdom tooth may not always be bad, but they can start creating problems like cysts, infections and damage to the surrounding gums. These issues typically occur when the teeth get impacted. But much before that, the teeth can start getting decayed as the they are very hard to reach which makes it impossible to clean them appropriately.


  • Wisdom Tooth Removal is Usual and Safe – A very few people among the millions who undergo wisdom tooth extraction experience side-effects. Prior to the procedure the dentist usually talks to you so that you can take an informed decision. She will also reassure you that you will be proud of your decision of removing this tooth once you stop experiencing the pain and discomfort associated with the impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Alternative Treatments to Extraction of Tooth – If the root or the pulp of the tooth is infected, the dentist can perform the root canal treatment or go for extraction of tooth. The patient can also postpone or leave the tooth untreated. But if that is the case there is high chance of the neck and head getting infected which can have far-fetched consequences. If the treatment is done at the right time it will be both cheaper and faster. Though the root canal treatment usually comes with good prognosis and is better than implants if done right, but it is not always possible like in case of advanced infection and root fraction. Tooth extraction is the best alternative when the tooth cannot be patched and is severely damaged.
  • You May Not Require Every Tooth to be Removed – As long as the tooth breaks properly and does not give rise to any problem, there is no reason why it needs to be removed.  Any kind of surgery, no matter how small it is, comes with its own risk of complications and so if removal is not necessary, there is no need for extraction. Again, just because you are being annoyed by your wisdom teeth does not mean that all of them need to be removed.  Though many people have the experience of wisdom tooth extraction, there are people who have at least one wisdom tooth in their mouth still.
  • Problem with Wisdom Teeth Can Occur without Pain – Even if you do not feel any pain, the problems with the wisdom tooth can occur. Therefore, you have to keep visiting the dentist in order to ensure that there is no hidden issue lurking in your mouth that you are not aware of. If you visit the dentist regularly for examinations and cleanings you will face no such problem.
  • Most Common Extraction Issues – The majority of the pain associated with the extraction happens to be common and lasts from a few days. About just 5-10 percent of the patients experience post-extraction symptoms that are not common like an abnormal touch sense or prolonged bleeding. The other common symptoms include swallowing or breathing difficulties, fever, severe bleeding for 24 hours, severe pain in the jaw. Apart from that, the extraction socket inflammation, nerve damage and mandible fractures are common symptoms after extraction.


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There are some of the important facts about wisdom tooth removal that you should be aware of. With the proper dental treatment in Delhi at a reputed clinic, this can be a smooth procedure that will enable you to get rid of discomfort associated with wisdom tooth in no time.

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