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7 Tips To Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Obesity is a major issue across the world. Staying healthy and fit requires a lot of time and commitment, every year people spend thousands of rupees on buying weight loss supplements, gym accessories, and more. But you know along with buying weight loss supplements online follow these tips to speed up your weight loss process. 

1) Sleep In A Dark Room

If your room is exposed to outdoor lights, consider using blackout curtains for your bedroom. Don’t use glowing clocks, keep the tv and zero volt bulbs off. Sleeping in complete darkness helps your body to produce melatonin hormone that makes you feel sleepy and helps in the burning calories. 

2) Sleep in the Cold 

Do you know sleeping in the cold can actually help you to get rid of the belly fat? Yes, you read that right. According to the study, people who sleep in rooms with a temperature of 18°C burned 7% calories than those who slept in warm rooms. When body temperature drops it releases the growth hormone and decreases the stress hormone called cortisol with healthy sleep patterns. When you are not able to sleep properly and enough, you are likely to wake up with high levels of cortisol, which means you will have increased anxiety and will crave for cookies. 

3) Say No To Multitasking 

Multitasking can sabotage your weight loss goals. While multitasking, your mind is not focused on one task and it keeps moving from various subjects including the thought of eating and food. This can make you even forget that you are on a diet and make you involved in unhealthy snack munching. 

Multitasking can also make you feel stressed-out tizzy, which causes emotional eating. Rather try giving every task on your to-do list your full attention for a fixed amount of time. You will get better results quickly and will be less likely to engage in mindless emotional eating.  

4) Right Way of Eating 

According to a study, people who have a bowl of hot soup before a meal tend to eat less, as hot soup takes time to cool and you eat it slowly which gives the brain, hormone and stomach a signal of fullness. As per another study, eating a spicy hot appetizer before a meal suppresses the appetite because spicy food is also hard to eat quickly, and chillies have been found to boost metabolism. Then there are also various studies showing that having a high-fibre snack half an hour before, fills you up and prevents overeating. Thus, decreasing calorie consumption. 

5) Drink Green Tea

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is a fad. You should be drinking water only if it’s hot and you feel thirsty. For other occasions, green tea is the perfect option to sip throughout the day. As it contains various antioxidants and can help you in losing weight and offers other health benefits too. 

6) Sound Sleep

Getting proper rest or sound sleep is important for the body to function well. According to a study, people who get enough sleep tend to consume 6% fewer calories. 

7) Munching Healthy Snacks

Eat frequently but not at mealtimes. Yes, you read that right. In a weight loss program, it is more likely to stretch the time between meals. If there is a stretch between your meals, it is likely that you wait until you are extremely hungry which can make you eat you more before you feel satisfied. Also, you are more likely to eat quickly, which is not recommended. Munch on healthy snacks like almonds, sunflower seeds, whole wheat crackers, makhana, sliced apples, and low-fat cheese and eat them every few hours.

With all the above-mentioned weight loss advice, you can follow what you like and leave the rest. No weight loss strategy can work if you find it displeasing, because if you don’t like following it you won’t be able to follow it for a longer period. So, if you like the taste of the tea, it can do wonders for your weight loss. And most of the people won’t be having any problem with the snacking suggestion. 

Do you have any effective weight loss strategy or tips? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. 

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