Yoga is a healthy or happy lifestyle, not just a workout. The correct practice of asanas allows people to live healthily and fit without any health problems. Everyone without problems achieved peace and calmness through the asanas. It is meditation, and deep breathing practice helps people relieve their stress and increase their inner strength. There […]

Extensively long sequences of various poses and postures that include Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga is the most traditional and by far one of the most intense forms of yoga. Besides being challenging, Ashtanga yoga is also extremely healing and has the ability to change one’s life in numerous ways. The practice of Ashtanga yoga focuses […]

Experts agree that meditation is a powerful practice. Complete scientific studies have shown that the deep relaxation that comes with meditation has a various number of benefits on our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Increased Immunity: Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that meditation has the power and ability to change the body on a […]

Introduction to Yoga Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. History books tell us that this discipline started in ancient India, but over time, it quickly spread around the world because of its numerous health benefits. People involved with yoga because not only does it […]

The benefits of working out are many and can sometimes be life-changing, but did you know that how you take care of your body after a workout is just as important? Today I want to share 5 great tips with you to take care of your body after a workout and talk about the benefits […]

Well, when it comes to India, there are a lot of things that this country has to offer. It is hailed as one of the ancient centres of herbal treatment, a reason because of which a lot of people still come to India. Home of Ayurveda, India has always been a place of curing the […]

Every individual requires multivitamins to meet the requirement or dosage on a daily basis.  Micronutrients are the key to supporting energy metabolism, oxygen transfer and delivery, and tissue repair. These functions are enhanced during the intense workout and thus more the requirement of multivitamins. Let’s list down few of the vitamins which are a must […]

Many people are still not very sure what Pilates is all about and how it works. Perhaps you have already heard about Pilates but have a vague idea that it is involved with exercise and fitness. Read on to find useful information on the subject and decide for yourself if this is the best form […]

Sleeping is expected to be one of the most blissful parts of the day for most of us. It is the time when the body and the mind unwind after a hectic day and prepare you to take the world in your stride the next day. But there are many who twist and turn throughout […]

If you are new to the whole idea of fitness and exercise or have years of experience in the field, it would still do well for you to know the benefits of the right body supplements for muscle gain. It is true that you can definitely gain muscles just by lifting weights and following a […]