Tuesday, November 30


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Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation at Yoga Retreats in Bali

Envision yourself roaming in a tropical island, in a distant outlandish place, where the stress of your daily life and all the distractions are a huge number of miles away. Doesn't only the idea brings joy to your heart? How about visiting one of such places in real? Some quality time in a yoga retreat in Bali is the perfect gift you can give to yourself or to your family. Would you be able to envision how stunning you would feel if you could just escape and carry on with the life of a yogi, regardless of whether only for a month? In case you can see this picture in your psyche and you can feel it, you have the ability to transform that idea into reality and yoga retreats in Ubud and Bali are your answer. One of the best goals on most yogis' rundowns is the peaceful island of Bal...

What Is Hot Yoga?

I had someone come up to me and ask me “What is hot yoga?” This question actually has two answers, a long one and a short one. The short answer is that hot yoga and Bikram yoga are the same thing under different names. Bikram yoga, which is a newer discipline of yoga started by a man named Bikram Choudhury 30-40 years ago, has gotten the slang name of hot yoga due to Choudhury’s insistence that it be practiced in a room heated to exactly 105 degrees Fahrenheit. What Is Hot Yoga – Preparation For Classes When the time comes around to take your first hot yoga class, most people are very nervous. Since most of us spend our days in air conditioned offices and homes, we are not accustomed to spending a lot of time in a climate that can exceed one hundred degrees, but with hot yoga we ...

The Good Yoga Pants

Remember that whatever you are doing you should dress right for that occasion, be it for a party, a wedding, a game of tennis or even if you are going to practice yoga. There are many people who do not give much importance to their dress when they go to yoga classes or practice. Good Yoga Pants can do wonder to you when you are practicing. What you wear makes a great difference. You have to keep in mind that there are a couple of points to look out for when you are in search of a set of clothes for yoga practice. As you probably know yoga exercises have a variety of different postures and exercises that involve a lot of stretches. So the pants that you are wearing should be really comfortable and not hinder your movements in any way. Look for pants that are made from stretchable materia...