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Cliff Notes on Using CBD for Skin Inflammation

CBD flower for skin inflammation supports hydrating to maintain healthy skin and to prevent dryness, itchiness, or redness and to reduce oil production and relieve pain.

CBD for Skin Inflammation – Antioxidant Agent

CBD has shown that it exerts antioxidant activity. This could position CBD oil as a treatment that repairs skin from free radicals, which may help to smooth wrinkles and reduce breakouts and blemishes. In addition, CBD-containing products are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which improve overall skin appearance and provide a more youthful glow.  Topical CBD is considered safe and has no known adverse side effects.

CBD for Skin Inflammation – The Vein and Artery Inflammation

It may seem like CBD for skin inflammation only has to do with the skin but that is not true. When the veins or arteries are inflamed from within, it also affects the skin to be red and even warm to the touch above the vein and artery that are in trouble.  CBD for skin inflammation may also go deeper than only the skin to return to normal function.  Always use full-spectrum extract as well.

CBD for Skin Inflammation – The Joints ‘n All

Just like with vein or artery inflammation, joint pain for whatever reason can also affect the skin surrounding it.  CBD for skin inflammation can penetrating the skin and alleviate the joint pain as well.  CBD therapy is effective for inflammation stemming from all types of arthritis even if the skin is not inflamed, CBD lotions rubbed into the joint can be effective in quelling arthritic pain. 

Pain deters healing.  Consequently, when pain is eliminated then the body can start regulating other things. If you have so much pain in an ankle and foot that you cannot put your foot flat on the floor when walking, consistently apply CBD cream or lotion and the muscles and tendons relax so that you can walk more normally again. Remember CBD, regulates the ECS so that healing can happen.

CBD for Skin Inflammation – Healing the Wounds

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Cannabinoids could be effective for treating the skin and mucous membrane system which come into play in a wound condition. Normally, a wound goes through a variety of phases stretching from the initial trauma until complete healing. Wounds that refuse to heal are stuck in the inflammatory phase. If the bacteria already raging and inflammation has set in, it is not too late for CBD to work as it is also an anti-inflammatory. 

The skin has its own Endocannabinoid System so CBD is extremely effective to nourish and heal. When used as a topical, cannabidiol displays not only anti-inflammatory effects but also pain-killing effects. 

Another aspect of a wound is infection. CBD is an anti-bacterial agent. If you can stop the bacteria from getting a hold in the wound, then inflammation can be stopped as well.  From research in 2008, the scientist found that CBD oil, lotion or cream all gave the body protection from a Staphylococcus infection. This is a bacteria which is extremely resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

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