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Co-occurring Disorders & Symptoms to Identify a Patient

Many people face physical or mental disorders due to their unhealthy lifestyle, stressful workload or relationship issue. Sometimes, the situations go much worse when co-occurring disorders persist. At this stage, a person faces more than one health issue including drug abuse and mental disorder. Actually, it is the result of an addiction that causes serious illnesses after indulging in drug abuse. Treating such kind of disorders is very difficult and all physicians cannot help in this concern. You need to find special centers for treating co-occurring diseases. The experts combine multiple therapies including medications, psychological treatment, and exercise. Here is a list of some facts that you need to know regarding dual diagnosis.

Facts that you must know about the co-occurring disorder

  1. It is a very common phenomenon and people should not worry about the impacts. Out of 4 people suffering from mental illness also face a substance use issue. From medical study records, it is concluded that the patients of bipolar disorder & schizophrenia are highly prone to this problem. If you are also suffering from such kind of problem, its treatment is easily possible.
  2. Rather than just one, the dual diagnosis issue persists due to multiple reasons. It is basically a combination of mental illnesses & addictions. When a mentally ill person starts abusing drugs in huge quantity, the results can be seen as a co-occurring or dual diagnosis.
  3. The treatment of this disorder is only possible at special treatment centers where highly trained physicians are available. Along with medical science knowledge, adequate experience is also required for assured treatment results. It is very hard to identify the origin of symptoms, thus the treatment procedure is also difficult.
  4. The treatment centers for dual diagnosis conduct an integrated treatment program in order to heal multiple disorders at a single time. They carefully execute a customized plan including psychotherapy, medications and exercise routine. They integrate all routines after carefully examining their all possible impacts on patient’s health.
  5. The most common mental disorders that might require help from dual diagnosis treatment centers are Schizophrenia, Personality disorders, Depression, Anxiety disorders. Posttraumatic stress & disorder Eating disorders.
  6. Its treatment is a long term course that requires the dedication of physician as well as a patient too. The body of a drug addict person cannot leave its dependency immediately. A set of different strategies is implemented for rejuvenating the body after identifying the source of symptoms. This entire process may require more than 1 year for succeeding depending on the health condition of a patient & his/her will-power to get rid off.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Symptoms that signify that someone suffering from a co-occurring disorder

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The behavior of a patient clearly signifies that he/she is suffering from dual diagnosis problem. From the below points, you will come to know that a person requires immediate treatment from specialist centers.

  1. A person suffering from psychological problem start using drugs to suppress the feelings but it gradually turns into addiction. Not only drugs but alcohol consumption can also become the reason of co-occurring disorder.
  2. The thought of suicide, excessive anger and violent behavior are some of the most common symptoms that one can notice in a patient. Whenever they trying to quit or someone try it forcefully, such kinds of thoughts provokes automatically.
  3. For the addicts, drugs become a way to feel normal, but actually, it is making them iller and dependant.
  4. From the perspective of personal relationships, this condition is alarming. A patient cannot take control of his/her activities that result in aggressive sexual behavior and relationships breakups.
  5. The mental illness of one person badly affects the entire family. Especially if there are children at home, they copy every activity of a mentally ill person & develop a mental illness at the early stage of life.
  6. A person with a family history of mental illness is more likely prone to this kind of problem because it genetically transfers from one generation to another. The co-occurring disorders treatment centers enquire everything about the family background to initiate the treatment according to symptoms.

A normal drug rehab center cannot provide you co-occurring disorder treatment facility. You need to search “dual diagnosis treatment near me” online for the nearest address of special treatment center.

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