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What are the Common Dental Treatments Offered by a Family Dentist

Family dental care is generally provided by a general or family dentistry. A general or family dentist is trained in dental hygiene, family dental care and laboratory techniques. A family dentist has a team to ensure that patients get effective dental care on time. Families taking dental health seriously see a family dentist at least three to four times a year. There are some individuals who visit dentists only when there is an emergency. Modern dentistry instruments and techniques have outdated the time when not only kids but even adults were scared of visiting family dentists. These developments have also enabled dentists to offer safer and more effective dental services.

Key responsibilities of a family dentist

  • Monitors and maintains dental care
  • Develops personalized treatments
  • Checks for oral health problems
  • Recommends treatments for promoting oral health
  • Obtains regular dental x-rays
  • Regular germ disease evaluation
  • Checks for the signs of periodontal disease
  • Ensures safe anaesthesia administration
  • Performs procedures on teeth, soft tissues and bone of the oral cavity  
  • Monitors teeth and jaw growth in children
  • Repairs or fixes decaying teeth
  • Repairs fractures, cracks, displaced teeth and other teeth injuries
  • Looks out for ulcers, swelling and lumps

Common Family Dental Care services by A Family Dentist

Preventive dentistry

The goal is to preserve good oral hygiene. The dentist reviews the dental history and identifies if there is any minor or major health issue. A comprehensive plan is created to protect teeth and gums from potential diseases. Apart from that, the dentist also looks for the presence of bite problems. Your family dentist in Raleigh, NC also recommends the way you can improve your smile.

What are the Common Dental Treatments Offered by a Family Dentist1          

Pediatric Dentistry

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A pediatric dentist is an expert in the dental care of infants and children. The dentist helps parents in developing healthy oral habits in kids.    

Root Canal Treatments

This dentistry involves the cleaning of the entire root canal which is then filled in another procedure. A patient requires this treatment in the case of an infection. This treatment is given under local anaesthesia.   

Implant Dentistry

Procedures like dental implants are performed by a family dentist. The dentist inserts implants to replace missing or removed teeth. The dentist attaches a dental implant to the upper or lower jawbone. This implant can stimulate bone cell growth. This procedure spans over several sessions and the entire procedure is completed in several months. Once the implant is healed, the dentist implants crown and abutment.       


This treatment fulfills the desire of having sparkling white teeth. These custom-made pieces of porcelain are attached to the natural teeth. Apart from teeth whitening, veneers are also used for repairing stained, cracked, chipped, malpositioned or other imperfections without damaging the natural structure of the tooth.   

Cosmetic dentistry

There are some individuals not happy with the symmetry, color or shape of their teeth. This dentistry offers treatments to improve the looks and feel of the teeth. Dentists use bridges, crowns, veneers, and implants for improving appearance and effective dental care.

Apart from these treatments, a family dentist is also specialized in the following:  

  • Crowns
  • Bridge
  • Fillings
  • Invisalign

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