The Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) & its effect on worker’s productivity

The Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) & its effect on worker’s productivity

Since we’re living in the digital world, most of the work in organisations is performed on computers. Employers who perform long hours of work while constantly staring at the screen often complain about tired eyes, strain in the eye, aching muscles and other such symptoms associated to the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). You’d be surprised to know that CVS also results in loss of productivity and making unwanted errors in work.

If yours is a company, it’s worth noting that studies have concluded that workplace profit can be increase if employees are provided with vision care benefits and computer glasses, it also reduces the likelihood of errors and disability excuses that otherwise would’ve sound too unrealistic at times.

CVS: Is it a real problem at work?

As per the American Optometric Association (AOA), vision related anomalies are the most frequent health complaints among the computer users at work. Studies have concluded that around 90% computer users suffer from visual abnormalities associated with CVS.

The symptoms include dry eyes, blurred and double vision, eye strain and irritation. Since computers and digital devices are now a mainstream at workplaces, computer vision syndrome is becoming more common and a major public health concern.

AOA also reported that a survey of ophthalmologists revealed that approximately 10-million eye exams are conducted annually in the U.S. following vision anomalies linked with computer use.

Worker’s productivity & CVS

Another study was performed to determine the relationship between computer users and their workplace productivity. Concluding results were;

  • A direct correlation between efficiency and proper vision correction. The association is evident in particular with repetitive and complex tasks executed on computers such as manual data entry.
  • A direct correspondence of proper vision correction and total time of a computer user in executing a task. When users wear glasses with less than optimum prescription, the computer tasks took much longer to perform.
  • Significantly reduced productivity among the computer users who were totally unaware of having vision anomalies. Small refractive errors are often unnoticed and don’t give any visual discomfort among the computer users. However in the long run, the performance on a specific task suffers considerably.

Computer eyewear & the outcome

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As per a research, economic benefit to employers catering to computer eyewear is determined by calculating the average productivity gain among the computer users for approximately 12 months and dividing the obtained by the cost of eyewear. In case productivity has been improved by 10%, cost savings would be greater than twofold. Programmes on computer vision benefit can significantly add economic value for companies with larger number of computer-using employees. Results revealed;

  • Providing computer vision care to every worker even those who aren’t experiencing any CVS symptoms can tremendously boost efficiency and cost savings for employers.
  • Potential reduction or complete elimination of musculoskeletal anomalies primarily caused by the computer-associated vision problem.
  • Greatest benefit is for computer users dealing with electronic designs and engineering, Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) as well as other detailed visual work.
  • Computer vision benefits programme also reduces the likelihood of workers claiming compensation for vision anomalies.
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