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dental implant surgery

In dental implant surgery, a dental surgeon places implants to help patients. If you are a beginner in this field, you need to learn about diagnosis, treatment planning and different surgical techniques. Dental tray setup is a basic consideration that may not get the attention it requires. It is the starting point of implant therapy. You may be familiar with some of the instruments but some are unique to this surgery. 


Consent Forms

Explain consent forms and paperwork and get signed by the patient. 

Implant Treatment Planning

This document aids the implant surgical procedure. It helps with pre-planned implant placement, guidelines for drilling sequence, radiography, anatomical landmarks, and tissue depth.

Post-op Instructions

You need these instructions and prescriptions for antibodies, pain medications, and more. 

Medical Supplies

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 

This is used to disinfect prosthetic stents, dentures, surgical guides, partials, dentures, bite registrations and other appliances and components

Surgery Setup Pack 

This includes masks, sterile gloves, gowns, patient drapes, doctor head covers, handle covers, table drapes, sponges, plastic tube covers and more. 

Paper Products 

Cotton rolls, cotton-tipped applications, and 4″ x 4″ gauze and presterilized 2″ x 2″. 

Suction Tips 

You need surgical suction, high-volume suction, presterilized tips for saliva ejector and more. 

Sterile Titanium Box 

You need this box to place implants. 

Antibiotic Ointment 

You need this to heal abutment threads. 

Instruments and Device 

Blood Pressure Cuff 

You need a sphygmomanometer to take blood pressure before and after surgery. 

Basic Setup

It includes two cotton pliers, two dental mirrors, a periodontal probe, suction holder or hemostat. You need retractors, scissors and scalpels.

Surgical Handpiece and Motor 

This pump has tubing for external and internal irrigation. 

Local Anesthesia 

You need to administer anesthesia before the surgery. For this, you need syringes, syringe tips and anesthesia.             

Drill Kits

A drill kit includes screw taps, drills, adapters, parallel pins, torque wrenches, implant carriers and hand drivers. Use a drill according to the selected implant diameter. It is advised to have a set of short-term drills. 

Check the drill keys before surgery to ensure proper fit. Also, have extra fixation pins and multiple sets with different sleeve diameters. 

Digital Caliper 

You need this electronic device to measure drill-stop lengths. It is also important to reconfirm drill-stop lengths. 

Tissue Punch Kit 

You need this to access the implant site while minimizing surgical trauma.  

X-Ray Sensor Holder

Prepare an X-ray sensor holder for use. It should be with a sterilized cover. You can excavate tissue plug using a large serrated curette and micro-blade scalpel. 

Implant Components 

Backup dental Implants 

You also need a stock of backups. You must have a sterilized replacement in case you drop an implant.    

Healing Abutments 

Have healing abutments of various diameters. You can establish a better esthetic emergence profile with a wider diameter healing abutment.   

Provisional Crowns 

Some cases require immediate provisionalization. In these cases, you can produce temporary crowns in advance. Or, you can fabricate during the appointment. Make sure that you have temporary abutments. You need an articulating paper for immediate temporization.


Soft Tissue Laser 

You need this for soft-tissue management. 

Implant Stability Meter 

You need this meter to precisely measure primary impact stability.  

Bone Grafting Instruments and Material

In some cases, bone grafting is required. You need all the materials and instruments required for bone grafting. 

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Dental tray setup plays an important role in smooth and predictable dental implant surgery. You have all the required instruments and supplies before starting the surgery. Having extras can help in handling immediate situations during dental implant surgeries. Both beginners and experienced dental surgeons understand the importance of dental tray setup.

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