Insulin and glucose reduces physical activity, while the food and also the anti-regulatory hormones increase the glucose. The patient and his family must learn how to precisely control the relations “insulin-food-movement”: when they reach the settlement, there will be a blip of glucose standards, which has resulted in one of the acute complications of diabetes. As a result of long-term poor glucose control increases the probability of the occurrence of late complications of diabetes, for example. Diabetic neuropathy, which leads to disruption of the corresponding organs and tissues (heart, blood vessels, kidneys, bowel, sexual dysfunction, impotence, urinary disorders, etc.). Researcher, Ken Drew says that Every diabetic should know the Glycemic indices of basic foodstuffs, in order to have an overview of how it will react to a food, the glucose it intends to eat.


Diabetes is treated with insulin, i.e. the nature of the protein hormone, enabling to glucose from the blood into the cells. In the cells is cleaved into simpler substances, while releasing energy. The only recourse is to inject into the metabolism again balance using the external application of insulin, which the body cannot produce itself already. After the initiation of insulin therapy partially restores the function of the remaining B-cells. By the time resets own secretion of insulin. This period is called remission, and it is not necessary to cover the entire consumption of insulin. But the premise is temporary in nature – it takes an average of one year after the manifestation of diabetes.

Technique application of insulin to manage, in cooperation with dialectologist. He also determines the appropriate insulin pens, insulin pump, etc. Control compensation conducted by myself using a diabetic’s apparatus to measure the levels of glucose in the blood, i.e. glucometer.

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