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Even The Best Electric Blanket Can’t Be Safe Sometimes

Nothing can beat the feeling you get when you slide into a warm blanket after your family dinner conversation. At least you think so. Whether you are using king size electric blanket or some other electric blanket, nothing can beat the warmth and comfort provided by a climate comfort system.

However, how safe these electric blankets are. Many electric blankets are safe. However, you will have to fork out a little more to buy a fire safe electric blanket. Old electric blankets can be dangerous. If you have been using the same electric blanket for years and you don’t want to awake in a bed of fire, stop using it. Many cases of home fires and deaths due to burn injuries have been reported. Because of being unaware, many people are still using electric blankets.

There is always a risk of fire if you are using an electric blanket, even the best heated blanket. There is a safety circuit used in these blankets to prevent fire. However, many times this circuit falls short in preventing fire.

Causes of electric blanket fires

Following are the causes of fires in electric blankets.

  • The heating element is overheated and combustible materials start burning.
  • Broken electrical conductor electric arcing can also cause an electric blanket fire.
  • Some other electric component is overheated causing an electric blanket fire.

Even when you are not abusing or misusing the blanket, it can still catch fire. And, this happens without any warning sign. It can’t be blamed on you. You can find the following instructions on the blanket:

  • Wash it in your home washing machine and dry in on the clothes dryer.
  • Tuck it in.
  • Operate when it is bunched, folded or covered with a comforter, bed spread or another blanket.
  • Sleep on top of it.
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Even when you are following these instructions, this does not eliminate the risk of fire. Even when you are misusing the blanket, it should not lead to a fire. What if the safety circuit fails? Nothing can stop a fire. It can lead to:

  • Personal injury
  • Death
  • Loss of Personal Effects
  • Damage to the property

So, better look for some alternatives to the best electric blanket, something that keeps electricity and electric circuits out of your bed. Electric blanket alternatives are available and people are using these alternatives. As these products are relatively new, these products are not as popular as electric blankets. A climate comfort system is one such product. You can fit it to the side of your bed and control the temperature using a remote.

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