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FAQs on Medical Marijuana Card Orange County

Marijuana for medical use is legal is Orange County and the larger California state. Unfortunately, many people still don’t have information on what is required of them before they can buy Marijuana for medical purposes. There are still others who are looking for a way to exploit the law and buy marijuana for recreational purposes. Here are also your questions answered on getting Marijuana card Orange County.

With many legal issues on the use of Medical marijuana moon rocks Orange county, there is need to understand the laws and regulations in regard to the growth, usage and even possession of marijuana for medical use.

How do I get medical Marijuana?

In order to get a medical marijuana, you are supposed to have a verifiable recommendation in writing from a physician licensed by the California board. After getting the recommendation of the doctor, you are allowed to grow, possess and consume marijuana. A doctor is allowed to prescribe marijuana for any condition where the herb has been noted to provide relief. In most cases, it is recommended for symptoms of cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain, sclerosis and other serious conditions and ailments.

Is it necessary to have a medical marijuana identification card(MMIC)?

It is not necessary to have the MMC so at to enjoy the benefits in Prop 215. The benefit of the MMIC is that it offers you protection against arrest if you are a patient suffering from a condition treated with medical marijuana or you are caregiver of such a patient.

How does the marijuana program operate in California?

After getting your MMIC, you are given a unique identification number that is then entered in a registry on the web. The law enforcement officers will enter this number to verify whether a patent/caregiver is valid. No personal information is given to the officers.

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How can I get the MMIC card?

In order to get the MMIC card, you are supposed to apply at the health department in your residential county. You can check the operating days and hours of the program officer in Orange County on their website.

What documents are required to get the MMIC card?

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Before you are given the MMIC card that allows you to buy medical cannabis dispensary online, you are supposed to have the following documents:

  • A copy of the recommendation from a doctor
  • A photo id that is validly issued by the government. This could be a state ID card or a Driver’s license, Passport issued in California
  • Proof that you are a resident of the county. The document should have your name as well as physical address. Some of the documents that are generally accepted include mortgage or rent agreement, cellular or utility phone number, bank statement, California voter registration, insurance or car documents or California DMV motor vehicle registration.

What is the cost of the MMIC card?

The fee for the MMIC card in Orange County is $150.

How do you get a MMIC card if you are a caregiver?

It is the role of the patient to apply for the primary caregiver card. This is usually at the same cost as that of a patient. The caregiver and the patient should appear before the county office in order to get the caregiver MMIC. This allows for the taking of the caregiver’s photo. It is possible to get the primary caregiver’s MMIC from that of the patient’s MMIC. You do not need to apply for both at once.

Once you get the MMIC, it will be possible for you to buy medical marijuana. You can do that from a medical dispensary near me.


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