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Get the best Dosas from Dosa factory

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Dosa comes from the south region of India. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and other are a part of the south region of India. Their staple food is rice, seafood and coconut. South India has over 500 dishes which they prepare. Mostly every dish of theirs has coconut in it.

What is Dosa?

Dosa is a flat pancake which is made out of rice flour, and grounded pulses; the batter of it is then fermented. In an easier way, the dosa is like a crepe, thin and flat. Dosa is mostly served with sambhar, is a broth mixed with vegetables and pulses. Other than that it is served with coconut chutney or a filling of potatoes in it. For the people living Cambridge, there are Indian restaurant Cambridge and also in other parts of the world.

People can refer to the dosa factory menu to get the taste of the Indian food. They have a varied range of food from south Indian to North Indian food; they have it all.

Dishes of south India:


  • Idli: steamed rice cakes


  • Dosa: it is flat, and is thin as a crepe.
  • Vadas: Doughnut-like, deep fried and is made from rice flour.
  • Uttapam: it looks like a pancake, and has onions and masalas on top of it.
  • Banana chips: deep fried, raw banana chips.
  • The dishes are mostly served with coconut chutney and sambhar.



The people in South India eat in a leaf, and they love their seafood since every state of south India is near the coastal area.

Every house or region has a different way of cooking their dishes for which the taste may vary. South Indians love using curry leaves other than coconut. Thinking of Indian food, many people avoid cooking it outside of India as not every place out of India has the required spices. With the easy and ready availability of spices and ready-made masalas, it is very easy to cook delicious Indian food without any hassle.

The best part about Indian food is that you can experiment with the spices or the food that is made. Indian food can satisfy a lot of taste buds. In India people always think the way to impress a person is through their tummy by making good delicious food for them. There are many vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals. Vegetarian Food like Rice, Bread, Dal (Pulses), Vegetables, Curd, and Pickle are common amongst the Indians. Whereas of non-vegetarian, it has many dishes within it like the most famous chicken or mutton biryani, butter chicken, laalmaas (red meat), and many more. Indians love spicy food, and therefore many dishes of there are spicy in taste which is normal for them but for others who do not eat spicy, it is very difficult for them even to finish one little meal. You cannot talk about Indian food and not talk about spices. India is called the home of spices, the world over. Throughout India, be it North India or South India, spices are used liberally in food.


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