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How to Check If Pharmacy Medicines are Authentic?

People can purchase all kinds of prescription drugs from a pharmacy. However, such commercial drugs have some side effects and some of them are also not effective. There have been many inspections in several pharmacies which have revealed that huge quantities of fake drugs are being supplied to people. When you go to buy drugs at a pharmacy, they often give discounts of 5 to 10 percent. It depends on the pharmacy on how much discount they want to give.

Tips To Identify Fake Medicines:

Fake drugs might have a bad effect on your health; hence, it is important that you properly check the medicines every time when you buy medicines from a pharmacy. There are certain ways that you can determine and check if the drug given to you by the pharmacy is real or fake.

#1. Check The Seal of The Medicine
The seal is present in every medicine, whether it is a tablet or a bottle. The first thing you would have to see when you purchase medicine from a pharmacy is whether the medicine is sealed or not. A new medicine would not have a tampered seal and this is the first thing which you need to check before you buy medicines from any pharmacy.

#2. Check The Packaging of The Medicine
The packaging is another important thing that can be easily checked. If you see that the packaging is not right then it can be a fake medicine. Check for the font, the spelling of the medicine name printed on the package, the color of the package and compare them from the official website of the same pharmaceutical company. Sometimes, people can prepare fake medicines with the same packages and they can imprint the same name and other details on their fake packages. In this case, you can check their batch number and put the same on the official website of the respective pharmaceutical company.

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#3. Check The Price of The Medicine
If you see that the pharmacy is suddenly giving you a huge discount there might be something suspicious. Normally pharmacies give a certain discount depending on the medicine. However, if the discount is more than normal then the medicine might be a fake of the real one. Drug manufacturers generally formulated medicines within a similar price band even if there is a dip in the pricing. So, no pharmacy can give you huge discounts on their medicines and pharmacies are controlled by their own association which is stated the regulation regarding pricing.

#4. Medicine is Giving Allergies or Side-Effects
Drugs which are not real can give you allergies or harmful side-effects. This is because counterfeit drugs are made of chemicals which are not of the proper dosage or are harmful to the human body. When this happens, the medicine can be harmful to you if taken too many times. If you face any allergy or side-effects which is not normal, then immediately stop taking the medicine and visit your doctor.

#5. Do A Visual Inspection of The Medicine?
Doing a visual inspection is very important since you will get to know a lot about the medicine but looking at it thoroughly. See if the tablets are broken or if the bottle of liquid medicine is filled at the right level. Check if the medicine is of the right color and whether there is any swelling or spots on the medicine.
Checking every one of these points will be helpful in determining whether the medicine given by the pharmacy is fake or real. With the increase in the number of fake drugs in the medicine market, it is important to check the above things before you buy any medicine from your local pharmacy.

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