Comprar Atripla is a combination of 3 types of medications namely emtricitabine, efavirenz and tenofovir. It is used for the treatment of HIV. Patients may take it alone or in conjunction with other HIV meds. It works by reducing HIV viral count in the body thereby boosting the immune system. As such, a patient has low chances of developing complications like cancer and various infections which are associated with HIV. The drug basically improves the quality of life for an individual who has contracted the HIV virus. Before you take this drug, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind:

Atripla 600 mg


  • Atripla 600mg cannot be taken by someone who’s allergic to its 3 components
  • It cannot be taken together with these medicines: atazanavir, adefovir,  and voriconazole
  • Anyone weighing less than 88 pounds should not take the medicine
  • If you have long QT syndrome, kidney disease, epilepsy, low bone mineral density, hepatitis B, and C, or mental illness, inform your doctor before taking the drug
  • Cannot be used during pregnancy because it can lead to birth defects
  • It contradicts hormonal contraceptives
  • If you are providing a urine sample for screening, tell your doctor that you are taking Atripla because it may produce false test results

How to take 600mg Atripla

  • The medicine should be taken as prescribed by a physician and all directions on the label followed. It should not be taken in smaller or larger amounts than the recommended dosage
  • The best time to take Precio Atripla is bedtime on an empty stomach
  • To get the most benefits out of the medication, use it on a regular basis. Refill the prescription before it runs out completely


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For an adult, one tablet should be taken orally on a daily basis. Atripla may be used as a complete regimen or together with other antiretroviral drugs for HIV treatment. For non-occupational exposure, one tablet per day is enough for 28 days. The right dosage for occupational exposure is one tablet per day and for 28 days if tolerable. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you can. But if the next schedule is too close, just skip it. You must not take excess medicine to cover up for the missed dosage. In case of overdosing, ask for medical help immediately. Overdosing can cause complications such as uncontrollable movement of muscles.

From Farmacia en linea, Atripla can impair your reactions and thinking capacity. Take caution when driving or when performing tasks that entail intensive focus. Note that this medication is not a cure for HIV. You can still pass the virus to a sexual partner while taking it. So, always have protected sex and do not share toothbrushes or razors. Sharing drugs and needles are not safe either. Visit Farmacia online or talk with your doctor about ways of preventing HIV transmission.