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India: the hub of all spine surgeries

Well, when it comes to India, there are a lot of things that this country has to offer. It is hailed as one of the ancient centres of herbal treatment, a reason because of which a lot of people still come to India. Home of Ayurveda, India has always been a place of curing the most devastating of ailments. Thus it is but natural that people will have been travelling to India to get themselves treated. With the progress of time, science and biology too has progressed in this country and India has blossomed into one of the foremost countries where people come seeking modern day treatment as well. Of the many forms of treatment that are done here, spinal surgeries are one of its special features, without a doubt. It is a country which has experts like Dr Jacob Eapen Mather who are well known experts in this field. Thus it is but natural that India is hailed to be one of the emerging centres of spine surgeries. 

Why India of all places?

A lot of people often wonder why India is the place to which people generally flock to when it comes to medical tourism. Well the reasons are quite a few to begin with. There are a couple of things that you need to understand when it comes to positing India as a preferred medical tourism spot amongst the many nations that this world hosts, especially when it comes to spinal surgery. Let us take a look at some of the reasons which has made India the hub of spinal surgeries: 

  • First and foremost, India has mastered the art of minimally invasive surgery, that is, one can perform a complex surgery without making a big incision. This is often conducted through laparoscopic techniques. Why is this kind of surgery preferred? Well when the cut is minimal, the healing time is always less and hence one can go back to their daily life without having to worry too much about the cut healing, since it heals very fast. However you need experienced and expert hands and eyes to conduct such a surgery. This is what makes India a forerunner in the game. This country has progressed in this field a lot in the recent years and the facilities for treatment available here are no less than any of the developed countries. 
  • Also, India is home to many trained and talented doctors like Dr Jacob Eapen Mather who boast of a plethora of experiences when it comes to this field. To begin with, he has been practicing over 10 years across the globe in countries like Germany and Canada and of course now in India. Having exposure to different modes of treatment, he naturally brings a lot to the table. He can even perform scoliosis which makes him one of the rarest of his kind around the world. There are similar such doctors, who match up to his stature and more when it comes to India which is why people know that when they come to this country, they are in safe hands. 
  • There are a few other hidden benefits as well, which people do not put much stock in initially but realize later on. For example, the common language spoken in India in most of the medical institutes is English, an internationally accepted language. This is why when it comes to this country, there is hardly any language barrier that people have to face, which is a huge benefit when it comes to availing medical treatment
  • Add on to it the cost factor. The treatment facilities available here are some of the most advanced in the world and they are available at extremely pocket friendly rates which is why people also prefer to come here. 
  • And last but not the least, coming to India is quite easy. There are not too many restrictions imposed on medical tourists; this helps in reducing the paperwork, and of course, the headache associated with it. 

Thus India has many benefits to offer when it comes to spinal surgery and medical tourism as a whole. So if you do need to get a surgery done of your spine and you are inclining towards medical tourism, then India should definitely be your first option!

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