Medicine and Medical Science

Medicine and heath care systems are the most important work that a man can do in this world. It is very much obvious that human body is a mortal system. The human body system is very much exclusive. Males, as well as the females, have a different set of characteristics in their bodily structures. Although a hint of commonness is present between them although the difference lies between the sexual orientation as well as the sexual preference of the body. And with increasing age human body does depletes in their function bit by bit. This property is called as the aging. However, without that diseases are very much common in the lifetime of the person be it a male and be it a female. However, some diseases are very much prone towards the female bodies and affects those parts of the body that makes female exclusive from a male. And the same goes for the male also as they are subjected to many diseases those are very much male-specific. And thus this diseases and problem gives the doctors as well as the treatment method its actual significance. They are very much required in this society. And also it is of their duty to do good treatment and diagnosis of the patients.

Specialization course

Doctors and the study of medicine is of very much multi-dimensional. It has many aspects and many avenues to study for. And thus this different parts gave rise to the specialization between the doctors. A human body is a tremendously complex structure. To learn the body of the human body in a fuller extent is next to impossible for a person in a lifetime. So it is better that the specialization exist in this field. And it is also very much feasible for a particular doctor to concentrate on a particular part so that its diagnosis, as well as the treatment, can be very much good and the success rate should be much higher. Along with all of its advantages. There are many disadvantages too associated with it. They are mainly due to the cause that India being country where a maximum population is very much poor ad also not much educated, they either don’t know or don’t get the proper medical facility. And most these above-mentioned treatments are very much costly and not easy to get in the villages areas as updated and modern instrument can be provided the government hospitals and healthcare units.


Recently a new method of treatment has been very much successful. Our body is composed of different organs. And these organs are tends to infections and other problems. When the problem exceeds the limit the doctors are replacing without treating them.


Dr. Mohamed Rela is another famous personality who has excelled greatly and also holds a world record for doing the transplantation of a liver of five-year-old kid.


New treatments methods are very much causing stir in the medical science with the hope of bright future days as we can hope of a world free of ailments

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