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Kinds of Shampoos you need in your life

The way you need different types of clothes to wear in different seasons; different types of food to eat at different times; in the same way; you need different types of shampoos for your overall hair care.

Okay so do you possess a favourite shampoo? Or do you make use of more than one in your present day rotation? In case you want to keep your hair locks looking their finest, there are basically different or to be more precise three types of hair shampoos you must be using regularly.

Clearing up shampoos

There is so much of build-up that gathers in your hair as an outcome of styling products, chlorine, hard water, and even waxes and moisturizers from different types of shampoos and conditioners. Such stuff weighs hair down and it makes the hair look less than lively. A good clarifying shampoo specifically targets build up. It removes the unnecessary ingredients from your hair and restoring lustre and bounce. Of course, you can even find cleaning shampoos that are in the form of new dandruff shampoo. There can be two-in-one shampoos too.

Keratin Shampoo

Talking about Keratin Shampoo, it strengthens strands at the same time it cleanses by fortifying your hair with keratin that is a natural protein that is found in nails, skin, and even hair. It is mainly effective for frizzy and curly textures, however, all hair kinds can benefit from such a shampoo, mainly with day today use. You should try to wash your hair at least once a week with such a shampoo and you would find a difference for sure.

Dry shampoo

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Now it might surprise you but everybody should have a dry shampoo in their vanity.  Such a shampoo not just removes oil, dirt and product residue without water, but it is also great for adding beautiful texture and hiding roots. And added benefit is that the shampoo even extends the life of your blowout that is invaluable for anyone. After all, it is all about keeping your hair and scalp fresh, clean, guarded and good looking!

How often can you use a shampoo?

Now there is another question that is always there in many people’s book. The question is how often they should use a shampoo. The ideal pattern would be to use a shampoo twice a week or maximum thrice a week. If you have never used a shampoo then you should start putting efforts in this thing now. You cannot simply keep a shampoo in your house and never really use it.

Similarly you cannot afford to wash your hair every single day with a shampoo. Such a thing would not just rip off the natural oils from your hair but also make your scalp really dry and rough. If you string a balance between usages of shampoos, you can always end up with the best results.


So, you should be happy that you have options like Ketomac shampoo that can give you a great experience with your hair. Use it ideally in your routine and you would not face any hair problems!

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