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Marijuana E-Liquid for Sale in the UK

While the number of CBD lovers across the globe is on the rise, marijuana is still considered illegal and a Schedule ‘A’ drug in a lot of the world, including the UK. Despite that, you can still see all kinds of marijuana products especially marijuana e-liquids for sale in the UK. At first, it may appear as a violation of the law, but don’t be alarmed as I’m going to explain to you why marijuana e-liquids are legal to buy and consume in the UK, as well as where to find the best quality.

 But first let’s understand what marijuana e-liquids really are.

What is a marijuana e-liquid?

Also known as CBD e-liquid, marijuana e-liquid goes by many different names such as cannabis vape juice, weed e-liquid, hemp juice, hash oil and so on. But irrespective of what you wanna call it, the fact that marijuana e-liquids are actually derived from hemp and not marijuana is applicable to all the legit varieties of marijuana e-liquids available in the market.

Furthermore, hemp and marijuana are in fact closely related to each other as they both come from the same cannabis plant family. The major difference between hemp and marijuana, or any other plant from the cannabis family for that matter, lies in the amounts of THC and other cannabinoids that the plant may contain. Hemp plants are usually rich in CBD with little to no amounts of THC.

THC is the main cannabinoid responsible for making you feel “high” as opposed to CBD which is mainly associated with therapeutic effects without causing any psychoactive or mind-altering effects. This makes hemp the perfect substitute in place of marijuana which contains a good amount of THC and thus is banned in the UK. To be clear, the law here in the UK states that all cannabis products must be derived from hemp and should contain only negligible amounts of THC. This means that all marijuana e-liquids for sale are really just hemp e-liquids.

Weed e-liquids contain hemp extracts along with natural terpenes and the traditional PG / VG base used in most e liquids. Due to being diluted down by this carrier agent the CBD concentration is much lower reaching no more than 10% at any given time. Qualities such as these make it the perfect choice for people who want lighter effects and to vape more frequently throughout the day.

Also known as cannabis vape liquids, these marijuana juices come in a variety of authentic flavours despite CBD being a new trend here in the UK. A number of brands are coming out with amazing CBD products in all forms.

Among them is Paso, a newly launched CBD brand in the UK with a plethora of CBD oils, vape oils, and e-liquids. Paso’s CBD e-liquids are available in both vape cartridges, as well as 10 ml bottles that you can use depending on the kind of vaping pen or device that you have. At present, their most popular strains include “Lemon Amnesia Haze” and “Mango Kush”, that are not too sweet but enough to leave a lovely herbaceous taste in your mouth.

Apart from that, they have a wide array of low to high-strength CBD products for sale in the UK. So, do check them out and I am sure you’ll find something you like, depending on your format preference, in no time.



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