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Meditation Techniques To Calm Your Inner Soul And Mind

Meditation is one of the techniques proven to be immensely helpful in calming our inner soul and mind. Meditation is a relaxing technique that promotes a healthy lifestyle by making positive changes in your mind. It helps you reach a peaceful state of mind that, in turn, helps you connect with yourself with meditation, you can break any patterns of negative thoughts and make way for better, more positive thoughts and the consequent manifestation of those in your life. 

Meditation techniques are quite life-altering when practised regularly, as having those few moments of solitude and tranquillity in what is usually a very hectic life for all of us is of utmost importance. To help you get into this habit of making meditation a daily part of your life, here are some meditation techniques to help you calm your soul and mind:

  • Breathing Exercises: This is one of the most basic meditation practices that involve placing a heavy focus on your breathing patterns. You have to perform different breathing exercises consisting of techniques like the alternate nostril breathing exercise that help you gain a sense of clarity in your mind. You should make sure you do this uniformly, carefully, and without any distractions to allow your body to get rid of stress, anxiety, and calmness to be restored.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: This is a type of meditation technique that many are going through feelings of anxiety, depression and other mental issues. The main purpose of mindfulness meditation is to properly focus and be aware of what you’re feeling at that moment. A lack of judgement or bias is an important aspect of this; it only consists of breathing techniques that help you reduce the stress you’re experiencing.
  • Yoga: Yoga is an amalgamation of physical and breathing exercises to achieve optimal results in terms of physical and mental health. Many yoga asanas target different parts of your body and mind to give you a good physique, inside out, and the mental peace you desire. Some of the best yoga asanas to practice are Padmasana, Trikonasana, Balasana, Virabhadrasana, etc.
  • Guided Imagery: This is another meditation technique that often requires the involvement of a trained practitioner but can be done perfectly well on your own. It requires you to conjure soothing images in your mind that associate with your senses and calm them. It works by reawakening the feelings connected with those images to help trigger the happy chemical called serotonin.

Practising these meditation techniques can act as an escape from daily stressful situations. It helps you gain better control of your emotions, learn how to handle negative thoughts and avoid unnecessary stress, all important skills that will make life positively easier. You can now commence this journey of yours with the help of Cult.Live’s meditation series. It has various sessions that take you from beginner level meditation to higher levels, helping you implement significant and useful changes in your life. With all of us in need of peace in these trying times, there’s no better chance to get started. Check it out!

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