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All about a pediatric cardiac surgeon

When your child needs surgery to repair a heart-related problem, then a pediatric cardiac surgeon has experience and knowledge to treat the condition. These are the heart surgeons who take proper care required to fix both congenital i.e., issues that exist at birth along with acquired issues in children. Pediatric cardiac surgeons treat chronic congenital heart defects, which are totally different from types of heart diseases common in adults. These surgeons have skills that are needed to offer the safest care for the smallest and youngest patients who require cardiac surgery. 

What treatments do pediatric cardiac surgeons provide?

Pediatric cardiac surgeon mainly provides surgeries for certain conditions, counting:

  •  To treat conditions like valve problems, abnormal blood vessels, and chambers of the heart.
  •  To repair an injury to the heart
  • To correct other congenital as well as acquired heart defects. 
  • To perform heart and lung transplants.

However, there are several kinds of heart defects. Some are minor, and some are more serious. Defects can be inside the heart or the large blood vessels which are outside the heart. Some heart defects require surgery just after the baby is born, and in many other cases, your child may be able to safely wait for months or years to get well prepared to have surgery. Mostly one surgery may be enough to repair the heart defect, but in severe cases, a series of procedures is required and is done by the surgeons. 

Why choose the best hospital for heart surgery for children?

India has many pediatric heart surgeons working in topmost hospitals in India and have dedicated their careers to offer excellent heart care to patients having congenital cardiac defects along with other cardiac conditions. All top hospitals in India offer :

1.Specialized care

Topmost hospitals in India offer special care as they have a pediatric heart surgery team having advanced experience in performing heart procedures. Best pediatric surgeons are highly experienced in performing basic procedures to the most complex ones. 

2. 27/7 anesthesia care 

Topmost hospitals in India have A pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist who is available all the time to give anesthesia when needed to little patients. 

3. Care of brain development

All hospitals have expert tea that takes care of all aspects of a child’s health. Throughout the cardiac surgery, advanced measures are taken to protect your child’s brain.

4. Family-centered environment

All hospitals in India offer a family-centered environment, and keeping this in mind, they designed extra-large rooms where one or both parents of a little one can stay.

List of best pediatric surgeons in India 

India has many best world-renowned pediatric cardiac surgeons who work is dedicated to repairing heart defects in newborns, infants, children as well as adolescents. Below we have listed for you best pediatric cardiac surgeon in India which are counted among Top 10 Pediatric Cardiologist in India:

a). Dr. Krishna S Iyer

Having more than 30 years of experience, his expertise includes all forms of congenital heart disease in newborns to adults, late presenting CHD, complex transpositions, pulmonary hypertension as well as complex neonatal surgery.

b). Dr. Savitri Shrivastava

Having more than 59 years of experience and Special interests are specifically in Echocardiography, Paediatric as well as Congenital Heart Diseases, and Non-Coronary Interventions. Currently working as Director – Pediatric Cardiology at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi.

c). Dr. Amit Misri

Having more than 11 years of experience who specialized in the field of cardiology in Gurgaon, his exp[ertisation includes Paediatric Echocardiography, Foetal Echocardiography, Paediatric Cardiac Intervention, Adult Congenital Heart Disease.

d). Dr. Rajesh Sharma

Having more than 25 years of experience and has many publications under his credit. His interests are in Surgery for transposition of the great arteries, The Fontan circulation, neonatal surgery, and Double switch operation for Congenitally Corrected transposition of the great arteries.

e). Dr. Smruti Rajan Mohanty

Having more than 12 years of experience and was well known for has successfully operated the smallest baby 560 gm for PDA ligation worldwide. His expertise includes Arterial Switch Operation, Norwood procedure as well as other single ventricle repairs, TAPVC repairs, and Arch repairs.

Pediatric heart surgeons offer care that embraces the specific requirements of infants, children, as well as teens, and their families. They work closely with doctors who are pediatric cardiologists. All top cardiac surgeons in India generally practice either in children’s hospitals or enlarger medical centers.

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