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Reasons For Changing to An Organic Diet

When making choices about our health, it is hard to know which one is the best for us. For sure some of them is a must for health, like doing exercise for at least 30 minutes per day or balanced eating.

But what about other topics that we hear frequently? Are vitamin supplements good? Should I need to purchase powder protein? These are common and legit questions if you’re just diving into a healthy lifestyle for the first time.

It’s normal to not know what to do to start. Or what is good and what is not. Here you will find some useful information about one of the most common doubts: changing your diet to an organic one.

Common Reasons For Changing to An Organic Diet:

a). Fewer pesticides and man-made fertilizer

This is one of the main reasons to change your diet to an organic one. Here we are not talking only about the benefits of your body, but also the environment. Some chemical substances are used in pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. That, according to research, can cause health problems, such as cancer or some developmental delays in infants.

And to the environment: The indiscriminate use of pesticides for years has significantly reduced the world’s insect population. You may think, and this is relevant for me because…? Well, insects are the main pollinators of nature.

If we keep killing this population, at some point, we will not have enough pollinators. So, we will not have enough food for the human race.

b). Fewer antibiotics and synthetic hormones

This is when talking about meat. Most of the animals that are set up for human alimentation lives in overcrowding. So they tend to get sick very often. To avoid this, they’re exposed to big amounts of antibiotics, so they can keep them living like this.

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Some studies show that this antibiotic gets to the people that consumed their meat. That will translate into antibiotic resistance for humans.

As well, synthetic hormones are injected into animals. So they can win weight in less time. Or to produce more milk. That can also affect human development. Organic meat and milk don’t contain this type of amount of antibiotics. And also, they let them develop to their full growth in a natural way.

Here were the two main reasons for changing your diet to organic. But how? Read ahead.

How to Start With Changing to An Organic Diet?

So, if you are willing to change to an organic diet, then you should start making changes at a slow pace. First, you can try by purchasing these organic products:

  • For fruits, make sure also to purchase seasonal ones.
  • Vegetables, as well as fruits, there are some that you can eat only in some seasons of the year.
  • Tea like loose leaf green tea, which is excellent for boosting your immune system.
  • Spices, you can put a lot of flavor into your food while being organic.

Remember that trying to change habits from one day to another is harder than doing it slowly. So start with these things. Then as you get used to buying them, you can start adding milk and meat. Sometimes organic food is more expensive than non-organic food. But make some research on local farmers that grow organic food.

If you buy this type of food from the main source and not from a supermarket, then it will be cheaper. Also, you can give a try to grow them. Why? Have a sneak peek at the reasons.

Why Grow Your Own Organic Food?

This will be a really amazing thing to do. If you have the time and the space to do this, then you should. With this, you will assure that your food is of the best quality. Hence, it will be cheaper than purchasing them. It will take time and effort but will be worth doing it.

As well, there are some studies out there. That confirms that spending time surrounded by nature is good for you. So you will be improving your mental health while doing something good for yourself. Keep in mind that you will have to do a little research before starting with this.

You will need to know which type of soil you will need, nutrients, and which vegetables and fruits will grow in the season. Be patient and give them a lot of love and sun.


There are some environmental reasons to choose organic food. Also, as now you know it will be better for your body in the long term. Try purchasing them with your local farmer or growing them yourself. As well, when buying organic meat, you can make sure that the animals you’re eating have a better quality of life.

Nowadays, there are some whole food stores or organic stores that sell their products via the web. So if you’re a lazy person and don’t want to grow them, or find local farmers, then this is your best option. You will be able to purchase organic milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and organic tea online.

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