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All about Scoliosis and its treatment

Scoliosis is a condition in which a person suffers from a C or S-shaped curve in the spine, and it can appear at any age. Mostly the condition occurs at the age of ten to twelve or during teenage. the cause of this condition in which change in the shape of the spine is still unknown, but some reasons are linked with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, birth defect, or spina bifida. There are two types of curves i.e., structural curve, which is a permanent condition and can be because of another condition. Another type is a nonstructural curve, which is temporary and is likely to disappear with time. 

Symptoms of Scoliosis 

Scoliosis generally starts from infancy or adolescence and symptoms vary in both. A common form of the condition appears in adolescence and is termed as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Symptoms are :

  • One hip is more prominent in comparison to another
  • Head is off-center a little bit
  • One blade and one shoulder is elevated than other
  • Person lean on one side
  • Uneven length of leg

Symptoms of Scoliosis in infants 

Many symptoms should be considered in infants 

  • Consistently lying curved to one side
  •  A bulge on one side of the chest
  • Heart and lungs problems that lead to shortness of breath 

Treatment of Scoliosis 

Several types of Scoliosis can cause back pain and is not painful. But in adults, back pain is not uncommon with long-standing Scoliosis. If a person does not get treated on time from Top 10 Spine Surgery Specialist in Turkey for their Scoliosis, problems can arise later in life counting impaired heart as well as lung function. Children with Scoliosis have a mild curve mostly, and thus there is no need for treatment. Best spine surgeons in Turkey generally recommend about four to six months to monitor the curve of the spine. Spine sp[ecilists will consider below-listed factors before deciding on treatment options:

  • Severity of curve 

Doctors will check the severity of the condition as the larger the curve, the greater will be the risk of worsening it. Generally, C shaped curves do not worsen, and S-shaped curves, also known as double curves, worsen with time.

  • Sex 

Scoliosis is condition females are less prone to, and men are more at risk, and it gradually worsens.

  • Bone maturity 

The condition will worsen less if a person’s bones have stopped growing as Scoliosis is more effective the time bones are growing.

 Types of scoliosis treatments 

While there are guidelines regarding mild, moderate as well as severe curves, the decision by best spine surgeons in Turkey to begin treatment is always made on an individual basis and vary from person to person as per factors listed above. Treatments of Scoliosis includes :

  • Braces 
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The spine specialist will recommend a brace to a child if his/her bones are still growing and have moderate Scoliosis. Wearing a brace will not cure the condition, but it will prevent the progression of the curve. A brace is generally made of plastic and is contoured to conform to the body. This is not visible and is under the clothes and fits under the arms or around the rib cage, hips, and lower back. The effectiveness of braces increases with the number of hours a day it is worn. After the bone stops growing, the doctor discontinues the wearing of braces.

  • Surgery 

It is a treatment recommended by best spine surgeons in Turkey in case of severe Scoliosis to reduce the severity of the curve in the spine and also to prevent it from getting worse. A common type of scoliosis surgery is termed as spine fusion and in this procedure, the surgeon will connect two or more of the bones in the spine together so that they cannot move independently. In many cases the scoliosis progress rapidly and in that surgeons install a rod that can adjust in length as per child growth. Surgery does not take several hours in children, but will generally take longer in older adults. As there are advances in technology nowadays, most people with idiopathic Scoliosis are released within a week of surgery. When you experience one of the above-listed symptoms of Scoliosis, consult best spine surgeons in Turkey to get treated as soon as possible.

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