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Stem cells the miraculous repair

Bone marrow transplant is the most popular way of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation as it includes the transfer of stem cells from the body of the donor to recipient or from the body of the donor itself.

In this process the first procedure is to eliminate the multi potent stem cells from the affected person’s body.

Bone marrow transplant is a very common procedure which is applied after many other unrelated operations.

This therapy is usually linked to cancer but is pretty commonly used in other diseases and conditions too. The stem cells need to be incorporated to an individual after operations like an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery so that he or she can make a complete recovery faster. This is usually done in sportsmen and sportswomen.

In disease like cancer, it is used as a follow up therapy. After the high radiations, the stem cells of the patient’s body are very much damaged. This can lead to many complications. The stem cells removed from the patient’s body is removed before the radiation therapy starts, then it is stored in a cold freezer in very low temperature. The second step is to let them multiply and then incorporate in the patient’s body after the cancer is removed by the radiation therapy.

The age of recipient and their health is an important factor which can affect the transplantation. The procedure by which the transplantation needs to be done also depends on the patient who is receiving bone marrow. The amount of bone marrow required is depending upon the size or the patient or recipient and not the donor. The donor at first has to register in the national registry of bone marrow donations to donate bone marrow. The similarity in the genes of the donor and recipient is checked minutely and then only a transplant is done to minimize the failure rate.

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Bone Marrow Transplant in India is a procedure which is done in most of the complete hospitals. It may be done in an outpatient clinic in case the procedure is leukapheresis.

The symptoms after a bone marrow transplant are chest pain, nausea, low blood pressure, fever, chills, weird taste in mouth and pain. The bone marrow is usually obtained from the back of your hip bone or the donor’s femur or thigh bone so a dull pain may be present after the surgery. The complications after a failed bone marrow transplant include low blood cells leading to anemia, cataract in the eye, high damage to liver and kidneys and also vital organs like lungs and heart, delayed growth in the recipient especially in children it is prominent, early menopause in women, too much pain, inflammation in mouth also leading to soreness, life-threatening infections and clotting of veins present in the liver of recipient.

A great amount of research is being done in this field. The stem cells are the only cells that can lead to a complete and fast repair in a human body, this resource needs to be utilized as much as possible.

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