Basically, Yoga is related to classical meaning as a spiritual path towards self-realization. There are various methods, disciplines, and teachings which are required to be adapted individually. The traditional system comprises Knowledge, also known as Devotion (Bhakti), Jnana, Service (Karma), and other structures. It is likewise united with different scientific aspects like astrology. Hence, yogic […]

Yoga is the one and only way through which you can reach your inner world. These days, the benefits of this ancient art are spread all around and to make them more prominent, young enthusiasts are joining with yoga teacher training courses. There are different yoga styles available for a person to gain finesse, and […]

A yoga teacher training course is designed for yoga practitioners of all levels, looking forward to more profound practice. These courses are divided into different durations. An ambitious teacher can start off with a training program that lasts for 100 hours. Once he clears the program with a certificate, he can go for the next […]

Yoga is a concept which uses physical postures and poses to relieve the body of different ailments, and a unique combination of the scientific and spiritual beliefs. It is a very powerful tool, which if propagated and utilized properly, can cure an amazing number of diseases; both physical and mental. Hence it is essential for […]

Introduction to Yoga Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. History books tell us that this discipline started in ancient India, but over time, it quickly spread around the world because of its numerous health benefits. People involved with yoga because not only does it […]