Tuesday, April 20

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When Should You Use Duolin Inhaler To Relieve In Asthma Symptoms ?

You must have heard the name ‘asthma’ several times in your life but do you exactly know what it is? Asthma is a kind of respiratory disease which is responsible for narrowing the airways and thus making breathing difficult. The incident of exposure to irritants such as pollen, dust, air pollutants, pet hair, etc. causes inflammation which makes the airways narrow and further secretion of excess amount of mucus restricts the breathing passage and breathing process becomes tough. What are the causes of asthma? How do you know you are suffering from asthma? The triggers for asthma can be multiple irritants and allergens present in the environment. Other than these, a sudden change in weather, physical exertion or emotional distress can also trigger asthma. Symptoms of asthma – • Sh...