Yoga is a healthy or happy lifestyle, not just a workout. The correct practice of asanas allows people to live healthily and fit without any health problems. Everyone without problems achieved peace and calmness through the asanas. It is meditation, and deep breathing practice helps people relieve their stress and increase their inner strength. There […]

Here are a few ideas on how to improve your yoga asana practice: Advanced yoga is not only about expensive yoga poses and creating yourself as a yoga expert who can perform yogic achievements that few others can do. Here is more about advanced Yoga Practice in India. Go through this deprived of tips that will […]

Sometimes we all find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by the daily tasks. We want to rest, relax, and have fun when the day comes to an end – to come back to who we really are and what’s really vital to us. A yoga teacher training program can provide this opportunity – the opportunity to escape […]