How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy during Travel


Vacation is perhaps the best time to relax, unwind and shun the daily routines at home. You also don’t want to carry typical responsibilities along as it might compromise with fun. Amid all this, your oral health, however, should never suffer, no matter whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business. If your mouth is healthy, it will reflect on your smile and face. And more importantly, your teeth and gums will not suffer ever. So, keep up with a healthy oral hygiene routine while travelling and maintain the natural shine and strength of your teeth easily.  

Here are some of ways to keep your teeth healthy while travelling –

  1. Consult the dentist before you depart

Don’t take your dental problems along. Rather, visit the dentist prior to departing so that any concern is treated beforehand. Whether you have toothache, or fillings or some restorations, make sure your dentists okay you for the trip. There will be cavity risk on the journey as your food choices will be bad. It’s therefore important to consult the dentist and be in a better frame of mind while vacationing. This will serve you well.   

  1. Carry your oral care kit along

Traveling can disturb your oral care routine greatly if you’re not careful about that. When you’re in transit, chances of staying up late into night or sleeping through the day are greater. This means you skip your oral care routine which can have a negative effect on your oral health. This is how bacteria and plaque are allowed for form to cause bad breath and other oral issues over time. To counter this problem, you can carry along travel-sized oral kit and items to stay on the top of your oral healthy during travel as well.    

Drink Plenty of Water

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
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Vacation means we enjoy the freedom of eating and drinking all those sugary items that we generally stay away from at home. We are always in a good more, so gulping down alcoholic or sugary beverages does not feel bad at all. We however forget that all these acidic beverages can harm our teeth and may lead to tooth decay. To minimize their dental risks, we should eat plenty of water throughout the vacation as it helps neutralize acidic content and flushes away foods and plaque stuck between our teeth. Water also keeps us hydrated and reduces bad breath considerably.  

  1. Snack on healthy items  

When on vacation, we tend to become a bit irresponsible with what we eat. Healthy foods then take a backseat and we end up stuffing in all but healthy things. Such items can be bad for your teeth, especially when you don’t brush or floss after eating them. So, if you eat candy, dried fruits, chocolates etc. and don’t take care of your oral hygiene, your oral health is bound to suffer. You should rather look to eat healthy items like carrot, nuts, eggs, cheese, apple, celery so that plaque and bacteria can be kept at bay.     

Brush & floss wherever possible

  1. Brush & floss wherever possible  

Being on a vacation should never stop you from taking care of your teeth. It’s thus advised to brush and floss wherever possible, particularly during pit stop stops to not let oral health suffer. Dentists even recommend rinsing the mouth after every meal which can help flush out food leftover when you’re not able to brush. If you don’t brush for a prolonged period of time during your travel, it might help plaque build-up and bacterial growth which often allows acids to cause havoc on your teeth. So, stay attentive and keep your oral issues away on vacation.     

  1. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash
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It’s always helpful to carry along a mouthwash during your vacation to stay on the right side of oral health. You may not be able to brush but you can still rinse the mouth as it does not take much of effort. Using an anti-bacterial mouthwash will help keep away bacteria and let your breath be fresh and good-smelling for longer. Plus, your mouth rinse won’t allow germs and plaque and bacteria to stick around in the mouth and cause harms of any nature. You can also consult one of top dental hospitals in Hyderabad and know the right mouthwash for superior dental health. 

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