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Top 5 Variants of Marijuana That You Must Search in an Online Dispensary

Online dispensaries are currently selling a large amount of marijuana-based products in the market. These products can be in the form of edibles, vapes or dry bud. Every product has a different level of potency as mentioned on its label. If you are just a traditional weed smoker who never did online shopping for marijuana, this article has a lot of information to read. Apart from the dry herb, many variants are already available in the market that you cannot even imagine. Scientists have discovered some of its purest forms comprising high potential to get you high. Here you will come to know about some variants of highly concentrated marijuana that is legal to buy from a licensed dispensary.

Top 3 purest forms of marijuana to try

  1. Pure THC crystals
    The pure THC crystals are very rare to find and comprises the highest potency to get you high. You will find numerous variants of cannabis-based products but this one is much ahead than anything else. The crystals are sugar-like particles that are obtained from the female cannabis plant. Only the THC compound is extracted from its plant for crystallization. The purest form of crystals contains around 99.997% of THC which is the highest percentage among all. In its highest concentration level, the crystal looks like cocaine but have many different effects on mind alteration. Some people also call it snowflake because of the texture and tasteless natureḷ.
  2. Concentrated wax
    Although crystal is the strongest compound that you can consume, everyone cannot afford it. The wax concentrate of marijuana is an alternative that you can try for enjoying some good moments of life. You can find it is the recreational dispensary in Orange County but the price will be higher than all other stuff because of the concentration level. It is a sticky substance in tinted yellow color that you can consume in a vaporizer. It is advisable to use wax only if you are a regular user of cannabis-based products. New users may suffer from a strong hit which difficult to handle.
  3. Hash
    Hash is one of the most popular products made with cannabis leaves and popular all over the world. People also recognize it as hashish that has a high concentration level to get you high. You can consume hash using a vaporizer or crushing in a paper. Finding hash might be difficult in the dispensary in OC but you can prepare it at home too. The process is simple if you have an analog compression machine and buds of dry herb. In a good quality hash, you can get the THC level around 50%. Generally, people consume hash by mixing it with tobacco a rolling paper. For better impact, it is advisable to use a dry herb vaporizer.
  4. Concentrated oil
    The concentrated oils are gaining massive attention worldwide because they are easy to avail in any local or online dispensary in Orange County. You can avail essential of marijuana in both THC & CBD variants. However, only THC based concentrate oil has a potency level of getting people high. This oil is can be consumed with the help of liquid vaping device & electric diffusers.
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best dispensary in Orange County

Apart from these high potency level marijuana extracts, you can also buy flavored products of marijuana. Find the best dispensary in Orange County where candies, gummy bears and cookies are also available to enjoy. While consuming high concentration level stuff, make sure that your body can handle the impact.

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