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Usual Early Pregnancy Symptoms

When one is pregnant there are some predominant signs and symptoms for it. There are some symptoms which are very common and occur in most cases while there are some other symptoms which might vary from one person to another.

Here are some early symptoms of being pregnant:

Cramping and spotting during early pregnancy

This mainly takes place at the very beginning; say from week 1 to week 4. Here, the fertilised egg creates a group of cells which is fluid filled and later that will develop into baby’s body parts and organs. After conception this blastocyst will implant in the endometrium which is also known as the lining of the uterus. Now, this can result into some implantation bleeding which might look like a light period. This when happens, the colour of it may be light pink, red or brown. There can be a mild flow when it comes to bleeding and the cramp or pain will also vary from moderate to severe. These implantation bleedings like to last not more than 3 days and one should not worry about it. One should avoid things like drinking alcohol and smoking in order to prevent heavy bleeding.

Missed period during early pregnancy

When the implantation is complete the body will start producing the HCG hormone and it will help the body to maintain pregnancy. It will also send signals to the ovaries so they can stop releasing mature eggs every month. As a result, one will start missing their periods after being pregnant. When this happens, one can get a pregnancy test to be confirmed about pregnancy. If the result is positive, then one should immediately contact their gynaecologists.

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Raised body temperature in early pregnancy

High body temperature can also be a major sign of early pregnancy. So, one needs to check it with their doctor to get confirmation about it.

Fatigue during early pregnancy

Fatigue can happen any time in the entire tenure of pregnancy. This is also a very common thing in early pregnancy. This happens because the progesterone levels in the body go high and it can make one feel very sleepy. So, one needs to get enough sleep during this time and keeping the sleeping area cool can also be very good for the body.

Increased heart rate

This can happen around 8ti to 10th week of pregnancy. Here, the heart starts to bump faster and the palpitations become very common. This again happens because of the hormones. But again this can happen later in pregnancy if one has an underlying heart issue. Then the doctor needs to check about it.

Changes to breasts

This happens during 4th to 6th week of pregnancy. One can develop some tenderness in breasts and they might be swollen as well. But this sensation goes away when the body becomes more used to the hormonal changes. It is a good idea to buy some comfortable maternity bra during this time to stay relaxed.

These are the symptoms of being pregnant which one can face in early trimester.

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