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What You May Want to Know About Oral Care in San Antonio

Wisdom teeth removal should be done by an approved dentist. This assures you proper dental care and hygiene. However, it is not a necessary process if your teeth are well aligned and correctly positioned.

When is Wisdom Teeth Removal necessary?

If the teeth cause crowding in your mouth, the need to shed some off may arise. They can also be removed if they have other dental problems like cavities, decay and pain. If you experience an unfamiliar feeling around your teeth, you need to consult an expert. Pain at the back of your mouth and stiffness of the jaw should be a cause for alarm.

The Removal Process

The removal process is not painful since an aesthetic is given by the surgeon. You only feel the pressure during removal, but no pain is felt. The process takes less than two hours. It is an outpatient service but should be accompanied by enough rest for the patient.

The Healing Process

Do not rinse your mouth immediately after the extraction. You should, however, brush gently on the night with warm salty water. After every meal, ensure you rinse your mouth thoroughly. The swelling of your mouth and cheeks should have stopped in 2-3 days. The stiffness of the jaw will disappear within three weeks. Use an antiseptic mouth rinse once in a while. This makes your wisdom teeth removal process easier.

Problems experienced during healing process

implant dentist in San Antonio

You may have difficulties opening your jaws. Pain from the socket where the removal has taken place may occur, alongside bleeding. The gums may also show a slow healing process. Frequently visit your dentist in San Antonio to check on the progress.

Choosing a reputed dental implant dentist in San Antonio can do wonders to your teeth and bring back your beautiful smile. An implant dentist positions a metal frame surgically on your jawbone, to aid when doing tooth replacement for the removed wisdom teeth. The implant is performed in stages. Grafting of the jawbone is the first step and after healing, the implant metal post  is fixed. The pain experienced is less than that of extraction. After healing, you can now replace the tooth.

Working on that smile?

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Laser teeth whitening gives you the confidence to smile after achieving a white set of well-aligned teeth. The effect of laser bleaching is evident for almost three years. Some habits however may cause the time frame to vary in different patients. This includes smoking and drinking alcoholic products. Laser Teeth whitening has side effects such as tooth and gum sensitivity. However, this stops after a few days.

Achieving a perfect dental alignment in San Antonio may cost you some good amount of money, but it is worth it.

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