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Why Should We Approach Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Nowadays we are constantly searching for treatments and cosmetic surgeries that help improve physical appearance, since many are worried about looking good; therefore, they fight to fight the ravages of time and thus always be attractive. However, the aesthetic part does not influence everything, since procedures are also used to look healthy and have emotional tranquility; that is end with complexes.

At present, there are quite a few people who are interested in exercising and following good eating habits, all with the aim of not having a few extra pounds; however, not all good habits are effective and it is here that the complexes begin.

What is the Best time for Having Tummy Tuck Surgery?

People may have problems losing weight and therefore stay in good shape. Among the factors that most influences are stress, low self-esteem, a tight schedule that causes lack of time, pregnancy, not having a proper diet, the passing of the years, among others, prevent our body from having the shape we want. Likewise, due to a demanding routine in the workplace or heavy work routines at home, people have a difficult time doing physical activity and it is the perfect time for fat to begin to accumulate and become visible in regions such as the abdomen.

As if that were not enough, in the abdomen there is not only a large accumulation of fat, but other aesthetic conditions begin to appear, such as cellulite, sagging and stretch marks; which are complex to deal with. However, the aesthetic part goes to the background when localized fat causes health problems. Therefore, if you are tired of wearing a bulky abdomen and its consequences, and you want to improve its appearance, a tummy tuck is the procedure you need, as it will provide effective solutions.

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Tummy Tuck: Explained

Abdominoplasty Surgery in India is a procedure that has earned a respectable place among cosmetic surgery procedures. It consists of eliminating excess fat found in the abdomen, as well as removing excess skin and improving the muscles in the area. It is an invasive procedure, so general anesthesia should be applied and the patient must stay at least three days in the hospital.

To begin the procedure, the surgeon begins to make an incision in the pubic area, so the underwear will cover it perfectly. When the musculature of this region is discovered, the surgeon begins to perform sutures (as if it were a corset) in order to strengthen the muscles; Once this is done, the excess fat and skin are removed. At the end of the procedure, the skin is joined with intradermal stitches and the patient’s navel is repositioned.

In the postoperative period, the first 15 days the patient must maintain rest and avoid making efforts. For one month you should wear an abdominal girdle, which will be responsible for helping the skin to attach to the muscles.

It offers immediate and long-term results. To become noticeable, the inflammation that remains after the intervention will go down and the result will be definitive, obviously, it will depend equally on the habits that the patient follows.

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